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          1. CN
            1. MacMic Introduction
            2. MacMic Strength
            3. Social Responsibility
            4. MacMic Employee
            Social Responsibility

            MacMic's main product: IGBT (Insulated-Gate Bipolar Transistor) can save power by a large margin, reduce material consumption and improve production efficiency, IGBT is the key device of energy saving and emission reduction.IGBT module can save 10-40% electric energy . With the 20% of energy-saving efficiency, IGBT device will save at least 133Mtec(million tons of standard coal), the electric energy equivalently 12 numbers of Three Gorges hydroelectric power station. In addition,IGBT device could reduce : 1)carbon dioxide emissions : 445Mtce; 2)sulfur dioxide emissions :1.4Mtce; 3)no-x emission:2.5Mtce every year.

            IGBTs are also apply to New Energy, for example: solar energy, wind power generation, EV, it is the green heart of Power control equipment.